2019 Convocation Lecture Book

Early Voices of Universalism

by Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Strong

Travel back to when Universalism was an early Christian theology and learn how Hell gained the upper hand, only to see Universalism embraced once again as the true guiding light.

John Murray: Impact on American Universalism

by Rev. Dr. John Buehrens (former UUA President)

The man, the myth, the founder legacy. All is illuminated just in time to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Rev. John Murray preaching his first American Universalist sermon.

Hosea Ballou: Impact on American Universalism

by Rev. Richard Trudeau

Rev. Hosea Ballou’s Treatise on Atonement is made accessible and is your chance to finally understand the roots of American Universalism.

This lectures are suitable for sermons.  The author permission has been provided.

Celebrate 250th Anniversary of Rev. John Murray

The lectures from the 2019 Universalist Convocation in Murray Grove, New Jersey have been published to help celebrate the 250th anniversary of Rev. John Murray preaching his first Universalist sermon in America.

This book is a perfect addition to your own personal library.

Make a gift to a book to your minister and your Director of Religious Education. Make sure your your congregation library has a copy.

Unique Time in History

We are in a unique time in history to be able to celebrate first preaching of Universalism in America by Rev. John Murray.  These lectures will provide you the historic context of Universalism, the REAL role played by Rev. John Murray in the founding of Universalism in American (we guarantee there will be surprises to your current understanding) and FINALLY Rev. Trudeau makes Rev. Hosea Ballou Treatise on Atonement available in a clear and understandable fashion.

All for $10.00!  And your donation also helps fund the mission of the Universalism Convocation to Learn, Explore and Celebrate the heritage of Universalism.