Heart of Universalism

The Heart of Universalism award is given to honor an individual who most exhibits the living spirit of Universalism.  Justin LaPoint who conceived the idea of this award named the award based on the theme of 1996 convocation.

Please use the Contact Us page to send the Executive Board individuals you would like to nominate as an award recipient.   Nominations must to be submitted no later than April 1.  The award is presented during the Business Meeting of the yearly convocation.

Recipient Year Convocation 
Arnold (Brad) Bradburd 2023 Unitarian Universalists of Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, PA
No Award Presented 2022 All Souls, Bellville, OH
Rev. Jack Pride 2021 Northwest UU Congregation, GA
No Award Presented 2020 Outlaw’s Bridge, NC (Canceled due to COVID-19)
Liz Strong 2019 Murray Grove, NJ
Bruce Kilgore 2018 Bellville, OH
No Award Presented 2017 Louisville, MS
Naomi Twining 2016 Marietta, OH
No Award Presented 2015 Jacksonville, OH
Carol L. Simmons 2014 Cincinnati, OH
Karen Dau 2013 Outlaw’s Bridge, NC
Rich Koster 2012 Murray Grove, NJ
Linda Foshee 2011 Newberry, SC
No Award Presented 2010 Rochester, NY
Frances Kennicutt 2009 Birmingham, AL
Peggy Ward Rawheiser 2008 North Oxford, MA
Richard Trudeau 2007 Bellville, OH
Vernon Chandler 2006 Ellisville, MS
Wells Behee, Justin LaPoint 2005 Eldorado, OH
Ann Malpass 2004 Highlands, NC
Gordon McKeeman 2003 Clinton, NC
Janet Bowering 2002 Westfield Center, OH
No Convocation Held 2001
Sally Blanchard 2000 Red Hill, NC
Regina Burton 1999 Little Falls, NC
Nelson Simonson 1998 Norfolk, VA
Peggy Jones 1997 Brooklyn, PA